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Humanity, politicians and anger: why I chose law

Often I’m asked why I chose to study law. Sometimes I come out with the cliche answer: I want to help people, which is true, I do. You’re probably thinking “if you want to help people, be a doctor, a charity worker, a nurse" and yes I have thought that too. I do still wish… Continue reading Humanity, politicians and anger: why I chose law


Christmas shopping and festive markets

Christmas shopping is supposed to be fun, but lately it seems that most people view it as a chore. With all the sour faced mothers rushing around to get little Timmy exactly what he wants, or blokes stressing about what to get their picky partners, shopping has become increasingly stressful around the holidays when it… Continue reading Christmas shopping and festive markets


What’s the hurry?

Okay, I have to ask; why is everyone always in such a rush around the holiday season? I understand that there are things to do and people to see, but why does everyone have to be in such a hurry to do everything? Around Christmas everyone is stressed to the max and they take it… Continue reading What’s the hurry?


The smallest compliments can mean the world

"You may never know how much a small compliment can mean to someone. If the woman from Action for Children ever reads this, I hope she realises what a difference the little chat made."

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Things change, roll with it

“Have you ever had one of those days where nothing at all that monumental happens, but, by the end of it, you have no idea who you are anymore, or what the hell you're doing with your life? Do you ever have one of those days?”